Data Architects Ltd

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The Data Architects team have many years' experience of setting up and running a resilient and secure server infrastructure. The set up for DMS includes load balanced production web servers allowing immediate automatic failover, and an active / passive pair of SQL servers for production purposes.

Future Newcastle University systems will be hosted on the new core resilient Web and SQL services, which use clustering to ensure that there is no single point of failure.

The latest virtual server and clustering technologies are immensely powerful however are only economically feasible on a large scale - and the larger the scale the better the resilience. We buy in this extremely high qulaity infrastructure and manage it on behalf of our clients.

We have many years experience of running and managing our own SQL and Web servers and are very aware of current best practice in server administration with a view to maximum availability and data security. However there are now excellent hosting providers in the market and through economies of scale they can offer a much cheaper solution while maintaining a high quality solution. We can offer ZSL very high quality hosting through They have a UK based data centre with resilient connection to the internet and clustered servers allowing for at least 99.9% availability. As well as ASP.NET 3.5 and MS SQL hosting they offer a ‘cloud’ computing service allowing for storage and transfer of very large amounts of data. We would buy in the hosting services ZSL require and manage these, setting up databases, web sites and file storage. We would be the point of contact for any issues with hosting.