Data Architects Ltd

designs that stand the test of time


Data Architects is deeply committed to high quality systems design. Our wide ranging backgrounds and research experience ensure that we are able to fully understand the client’s needs. This results in a data structure design that will really work and which will be extensible as the future brings new needs and ideas. All our application development is done in a bottom up fashion: the understanding of the real entities comes first; this dictates the data structure design; the interface to this follows naturally.


Data Architects uses the now well established techniques of agile development. This does require the involvement of the clients in the design and testing process but the end result is always better, as the client has the opportunity to adjust the specification of the system as they see it develop.


Communication with the client is a vital part of the agile development cycle and is very important to us. Many of us are educators as well as developers; have published research of our own; we all have the skills to document and to explain. All Data Architects developers have years of experience working with academic researchers.

We build our systems to work for the client, and to last.