Data Architects Ltd

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Our skills and experience cover a huge range of platforms from the 80s to the present day. Between us we have worked with many operating systems, programming languages, database platforms and technologies.

Data Architects' preferred platform for new developments is Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET. Over a number of years Ian Ground and Paul Fletcher have developed a very powerful bespoke content management system which allows delivery of content and data over the web. Style and functionality are completely separate in this system allowing clients great freedom in their choice of layout and style for the web front end.

The content management system is fully W3C and XHTML compliant and includes accessibility options as standard. It works with IE 6+ and all versions of firefox / safari / chrome / opera. It can deliver pages optimised for mobile browsers. All processing is done server side so it can be accessed from any device that can see the web; there are no minimum client specifications.

Where appropriate we use AJAX technology for a more sophisticated and responsive interface. This will only be visible on client browsers which support javascript; other browsers will still display the content but in a more simplistic form.

Data Architects keeps up to date with changes to the Disability Discrimination Act and associated recommendations and will ensure that the platform remains compliant with these. We can advise and support ZSL in ensuring that their content is also compliant.

Content Management System

This site is driven by our content management system. It just looks like a website but all the content is editable online through a wysiwyg editor, and pages can be added and moved around with a few clicks. All the content is stored in a database.

In our client area we have project management tools allowing you to see progess of the project; request further functionality; see your past invoices / payments and raise support tickets. This is all bespoke functionality delivered within the CMS.