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Project Management

Effective project management is a fundamental part of the service that we offer.

All our clients gain access to an online project management tool. We will agree the list of tasks required on each project, breaking into subtasks where necessary and agree priorities and timescales for these. Data Architects developers will update the system at least weekly with progress reports. If required we can agree a fixed slot each week (or fortnight) where we discuss progress by phone.

This will also provide a ‘ticket’ system for queries in each direction. If we need information from the client we will generate a ticket which will be visible on the system as well as sent by email. If the query requires an answer before development can continue it will be marked urgent and a delayed response may affect timescales.

Similarly our clients are able to raise support queries or requests for further work through the system and answers will be available both on the system and by email.

This will provide a clear picture of the status of each project and ensure there is no confusion about who is waiting for whom.