Data Architects Ltd

designs that stand the test of time

The Team

The Data Architects themselves are a small group of very experienced individuals. Many of us also work outside the Data Architects umbrella and have done so for many years. We set up the company to allow us to take on large projects where a team of developers is required.

Biographies of our four lead developers can be found here.

Where necessary we will buy in time from our many contacts with specific expertise, whether in graphic design, advanced statistics, market research etc.


We work within well establish standards and all use the same tools and conventions allowing us to easily support each other's systems. Quality support is as vital to us as to our clients: we rely on the continued business and recommendations that come from ensuring that your systems are performing as they should at all times.

We have monitoring and alerting tools in place bringing any infrastructure issues to our attention immediately. Our support ticketing system directs any calls logged by our clients to the most appropriate team member who is available. We also are available by email or phone.

Other staff

We outsource our administrative and accounting needs to minimise our overheads and ensure best value for our clients.

We do not have a sales team; when you speak to us you are speaking direct to the experts.